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This is a central location for all downloads pertaining to fasteners / S-5!® tech data.
Please find the downloads to the right.


Accessory Catalog

BryerCatalog.pdf, 994.3 KB

Fastener Tech Data

Fastener Tech Data.pdf, 151.9 KB

S-5! Brochure

S5-ASAP_Brochure.pdf, 5.1 MB

ColorGard Brochure

ColorGard_Brochure.pdf, 1.8 MB

ColorGard Install Guide

CG-Install_082311.pdf, 947.5 KB

S-5-PV Kit Brochure

S5PVKit_Brochure.pdf, 1.7 MB

Carlisle WIP 300HT Tech Data

CarlisleWIP_TechData.pdf, 293.5 KB

Carlisle Install Guide

CarlisleWIP_Install.pdf, 923.2 KB

Owens Corning WeatherLock Tech Data

OwensCorning_TechData.pdf, 281.5 KB

Owens Corning WeatherLock Install Guide

OwensCorning_Install.pdf, 331.5 KB

Dektite Tech Data

Dektite_TechData.pdf, 248.2 KB

Master Flash Tech Data

MasterFlash_TechData.pdf, 357.3 KB

S-M 5227 Butyl Tape

SMTackyTape_TechData.pdf, 168.5 KB

S-M 7108 Permathane Caulk

SMPermathane_TechData.pdf, 160.9 KB

S-M 5430 Non-Skinning Butyl

SM 5430.pdf, 175.8 KB