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Bryer Panels

TBC-Truloc is an excellent choice for most residential applications.  With a 1-1/2" high snap seam it can be installed on slopes down to 3:12.  A seperate floating clip allows for thermal expansion/contraction, which is critical on panel lengths over 25 feet.  Truloc can also be factory notched for clean D-style eave applications.

TBC-Proseam is a 1" high snap seam withe an integrated fastening flange to eliminate the need for a separate clip making install a breeze.  Proseam is Bryer's most economical standing seam profile while still offering fantastic strength and longevity.  Proseam can also be factory notched and, while the pre-slotted grooves do allow for some level of expansion/contraction, Bryer recommends a maximum of 30' panels.

 TBC-Masterseam is the preferred choice for low-slope applications.  Its mechanically folded seam and factory applied seam sealant allow for installations down to 1/2:12 slopes.  Available with either fixed or floating clips depending on project requirements. Masterseam can be produced in the factory in lengths up to 65 feet and can also be fabricated on-site with a portable rollforming mill.  When produced on-site, panels can exceed 100 feet long!  Note that Masteseam is not availble with factory notching.

 GT-36 is Bryer's most economical panel.  This thru-fastened profile uses EPDM washered fasteners to screw directly to the substrate.  GT-36 is typically produced in 26 gauge, however it's unique rib design still allowes it to span open framing.  This can make it an ideal choice for barns, equipemnt shops and storage sheds.  This profile is also a popular choice for do-it-yourselfers.

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Residential Color Chart

Bryer Residential Color Chart.pdf, 379.1 KB


TBC-Truloc Data Sheet.pdf, 315.4 KB


TBC-Proseam Data Sheet.pdf, 1.8 MB


TBC-Masterseam Data Sheet.pdf, 272 KB


GT-36 Data Sheet.pdf, 276.1 KB

Residential Standing Seam Install Manual

Residential Standing Seam Install Manual.pdf, 2.3 MB

UL Info

TBC - UL Tech Data.pdf, 382.6 KB

Kynar Residential Warranty

Bryer Kynar Residential Warranty - Sample.pdf, 209 KB