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Bryer Panels

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is taken from Bryer's comprehensive residential standing seam installation guide.  If you don't find the answer to your question here please feel free to contact us.

Is Metal Roofing A DIY Project?

That depends.  If you are working on a dog house or tool shed then most competent DIY’ers can use this manual and produce acceptable results.  Bryer does not recommend someone attempt to re-roof an entire house with little or no previous metal roofing experience.   This manual is a basic guide only and does not cover every situation, process, detail, technique or requirement.

Does Bryer Sell Direct?
No, Bryer sells through a network of dealers and distributors located throughout the Pacific NW.  That said, we are happy to take calls or answer emails from both contractors and homeowners.  Our goal is to help educate and ensure that you are making the best choice for your new metal roof.
Which Panel Profile Should I Choose?
A lot of factors can come into play on profile selection.  Aesthetically they are all very similar, especially once installed on a roof.  TBC-PROSEAM is typically the easiest and most economical to install with a simple fastening flange, but is the shortest at 1 inch high and allows for only minimal expansion/contraction.  TBC-TRULOC requires the use of an additional clip but is more weather resistant and offers unlimited expansion/contraction.  TBC-MASTERSEAM is the best choice for low slope applications (2:12 and less) but requires the use of a special mechanical seamer making it more costly and time consuming. 
Is A Bryer Roof Environmentally Friendly?
Absolutely!  One of the biggest advantages of metal roofing is the industry leading life cycle costs.  This equates to significantly less energy used over the lifespan because the roof does not need to be replaced nearly as often as other roofing materials.  While most competing product, like composition shingles and single-ply membranes, are predominately made from fossil fuels (oil), Bryer panels are eco-friendly carbon steel.  In addition, Bryer’s roofing and flashing products are 100% recyclable whereas most other products end up in a landfill after removal.
How Heavy Are The Panels?
That depends on gauge, width and length.
26 Ga x 16” = 1.33 lbs/Linear Foot
26 Ga x 12” = 1.07 lbs/Linear Foot
24 Ga x 16” = 1.67 lbs/Linear Foot
24 Ga. x 12” = 1.33 lbs/Linear Foot
Take the lbs/LF number and multiply it by the length of the panel.  This gives you the total weight.
Can I Order Custom Length Trim?
Standard trim length is 10’-0”.  Custom length trim can be ordered either shorter or longer (20’ max).  Keep in mind that custom trim comes at a cost premium and a longer lead time.  If, for instance, you need 15’ of gable trim it will be cheaper and faster to order two pieces at 10‘ rather than a custom 5’ or 15‘ piece.  Panels on the other hand are all produced per order/cut-list.  Lengths from 4’ to 50’ feet are available at 1/8” increments.
How Do I Maintain A Metal Roof?
One of the major benefits of a metal roof is that it requires very little maintenance in most applications.  It is critical that the installation does not allow for standing water.  Positive drainage is always required.  It is also improtant to avoid debris, moss, leaves or pine needles to build up and sit on your roof for extended periods.  Anything that traps mositure on your roof can result in damage to the paint system and voiding of the finish warranty.
How Difficult Is A Metal Roof to Clean?
Kynar painted roofing and flashing require very little maintenance in most applications.  If cleaning is needed Bryer recommends light scrubbing with a soft bristle nylon brush in conjunction with a mild, non-toxic detergent. Follow this with a thorough tap water rinse.  For heavier duty cleaning of spot areas a cotton rag and mineral spirits can be used.  This should be followed with a thorough tap water rinse.  Using more aggressive cleaners or solvents may damage the paint system and void the finish warranty. Refer to Bryer’s Cleaning & Maintenance data sheet for additional information.
Will A Metal Roof Be Loud?
This is a common myth related to metal roofing and probably stems from people standing in a barn during a rain storm.  Certainly metal roofing in an uninsulated structure, over open framing without an attic space will transmit a fair amount of nosie in heavy rain, but that would be the case for most roofing materials.  In a typical house with a solid substructure and good insulation metal will not be any louder than typcial shakes or shingles.
Can I Send In Plans For A Material Take-Off?
Bryer does not provide complete take-off services.  However, some of our preferred distributors do offer those services.  Please contact Bryer for additional Info.
Will A Bryer Metal Roof Withstand Harsh Weather?
Definitely!  A Bryer metal roofs offer excellent protection against mother nature’s wrath!  Most of Bryer’s panels carry UL ratings for wind uplift, fire and impact resistance (hail).  Traditionally, metal roofs are one of the best choices for long term durability and weather resistance.  Standing seam systems frequently get specified to withstand hurricane and typhoon force winds!
How Long Will A Metal Roof Last?
Metal roofs traditionally offer one of the best life cycle costs available when compared to shingles, shakes and other standard options.  Meaning that although metal will typically have a higher upfront cost, there is a long term savings based on the lifespan of metal versus traditional composition shingles and wood shakes.  A lot of factors come into play when estimating lifespan but in normal climates a Bryer metal roof will have a service life in excess of 50 years. Bryer also offers a limted lifetime warranty on the painted finish.