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Bryer Panels

Why Choose Bryer On Your Residential Project

If you've come this far then you have most likely already come to appreciate the benefits of protecting your home with a metal roof.  Exceptional life cycle cost, timeless beauty, overall longevity, fire & hail resistance, the list goes on and on.  But there are lots of metal roofing manufacturer's out there, including some large national companies, so you may ask yourself "why should I use Bryer"?

Bryer is a locally owned and operated manufacturer that has been in business over 35 years.  Our background is in high-end architectural, commercial and industrial projects.  We took those years of experience and used them to help build our residential program.  Where many other manufacturers look to make metal roofing as cheap as possible, Bryer takes the most critical characteristics of a commercial roof and incorporates them into an economical residential system.  So what makes Bryer different?

  • SUBSTRATE - We start with an industry leading AZ-50 Galvalume substrate.  This is a protective mix of zinc and aluminum that offers the very best protection for the steel base.  Most residential panels come with a G-90 galvanized substrate.  While this is fine for many applications it does not offer the same level of corrosion protection as Galvalume, especially in marine environments or areas with industrial pollution.
  • PAINT SYSTEM - Traditionally most residential panels come with a Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) paint system.  Again, this is fine for a lot of projects, but Bryer uses only the very best paint available, PVDF - Kynar 500/Hylar 5000.  This is the exact same finish you'll find on schools, library's, office building, fire stations, etc.  Kynar is the industry leader in color retention, which minimizes fading and chalking.  When it comes to keeping your roof looking great for 20+ years, you simply can't do better than Bryer's Kynar finishes.  Oh yeah, and we back that up with a limited LIFETIME finish warranty!
  • PROFILES - As noted above, Bryer has historically served the commercial market.  When it came time to design panel profiles for the residential market we were able to combine the best attributes of what was available in the market and then make them even better.  TBC-Truloc and TBC-Proseam combine time tested principles with cutting edge advancements. 
    • Narrower, more aesthetically pleasing seam design.
    • Improved snap engagement increasing overall strength and wind uplift resistance.
    • Factory notching (more on this below)
    • State of the art rollforming offers superior quality control and helps reduce oil-canning.
    • UL ratings for fire, hail and wind uplift.
  • NOTCHING - While we think our products are the best available in the Pacific NW, if they're not installed by a qualified and skilled sheet metal roofing contractor, then you're doing yourself a disservice.  Quite frankly, choosing the contractor is as important, and probably more so, than choosing your standing seam panel manufacturer!  One of the ways quality installers differentiate themselves is with a notched and hemmed eave.  Now, this is not to say that you can't get a quality installation without notching the eave.  However, we are big fans of a hemmed D-style eave and our factory notched panels make it a breeze.  So what exactly is a notched eave?  It's simply a process where the vertical seam portion of the panel is cut out leaving a tab of material, commonly referred to as the "pan".  The pan is then hemmed 180 degrees back up and under the panel.  This hem at the bottom of the panel then engages a special D-style eave flashing during installation.  The benefits are numerous!  It eliminates the need for any exposed fasteners at the eave.  It improves wind uplift resistance and reduces the potential for wind driven rain infiltration.  It also eliminates the cut edge at the panel ends and instead shows a nice, clean painted edge.  Most of all, it looks WAY better!

Notched and hemmed eave, d-style eave



TBC-Truloc Data Sheet.pdf, 315.4 KB


TBC-Proseam Data Sheet.pdf, 1.8 MB


GT-36 Data Sheet.pdf, 276.1 KB

Residential Standing Seam Install Manual

Residential Standing Seam Install Manual.pdf, 2.3 MB

UL Info

TBC - UL Tech Data.pdf, 382.6 KB

Residential Color Chart

Bryer Residential Color Chart.pdf, 379.1 KB

Kynar Residential Warranty

Bryer Kynar Residential Warranty - Sample.pdf, 209 KB