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Bryer Panels


TBC-MASTERSEAM is an excellent choice for architectural and high end residential applications. A 1-1/2” mechanically locked standing seam in either a single or double lock configuration offers improved weathertightness that will stand up against the harshest environments.

TBC-MASTERSEAM is produced using an AZ50 Galvalume substrate that offers some of the best corrosion resistance in the industry. The standard paint system is a Kynar 500 / Hylar 5000 coating offering unparalled fade and chalk resistance and backed up with a 35 year non-prorated finish warranty. Continuous factory produced lengths up to 80’ are available with optional injected seam sealant. Lengths of 150’+ are possible with on site fabrication. Weathertightness warranties, up to 30 years, are also available.

For natural metals like Copper and Zinc TBC-MASTERSEAM is the preferred choice. The recommended minimum slope is 1:12. Contact The Bryer Company for lower slope applications, project specific details or questions.



  • 24 Gauge Steel
  • 22 Gauge Steel
  • .032 Aluminum
  • .040 Aluminum
  • 16 oz Copper
  • 20 oz Copper
  • Kynar® Colors
  • Galvalume® Plus
  • Zinc


  • UL-580 Class 90
    wind uplift
  • UL-790 Class A
    fire rated
  • UL-2218
    impact resistance
  • ASTM E331/1646
    water penetration tested
  • ASTM E283/1680
    air infiltration tested
  • ASTM E1592 wind uplift


Bryer Weathertight - UL


Data Sheet

TBC-Masterseam Data Sheet.pdf, 272 KB

Residential Standing Seam Install Manual

Residential Standing Seam Install Manual.pdf, 2.3 MB

Load Table

TBC-Masterseam Load Table.pdf, 22.2 KB

UL Info

TBC - UL Tech Data.pdf, 382.6 KB

Bryer Kynar Color Chart

Bryer_KynarColorChart.pdf, 3.1 MB

Kynar Tech Data

Kynar_TechData.pdf, 184.9 KB

Kynar Residential Warranty

Bryer Kynar Residential Warranty - Sample.pdf, 209 KB

Kynar Sample Warranty

Kynar_SampleWarranty.pdf, 642.5 KB

Galvalume Sample Warranty

Galvalume_SampleWarranty.pdf, 1.5 MB

LEED Data V4

LEED Tech Data - V4.pdf, 174.2 KB

LEED Data 2.2

LEED_Data.pdf, 129.3 KB

 ASTM Testing

 Weathertightness Warranties