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S-5-PV Kit Attachment Solutions

S-5! PV Kit Image

The concept of combining photovoltaic arrays with standing seam metal roofing is growing—and for good reasons. A standing seam metal roof has a life expectancy consistent with that of framed PV modules. A 30-year power source on a 40-year roof, along with zero-penetration technology creates the most sustainable roof system available with alternative power generation, all without compromising the roof's warranty!

S-5-PV Kits:

  • Fit the majority of solar panels on the market!
  • Fit the majority of metal roofs on the market - including exposed fastened and corrugated!
  • Install quickly and easily!
  • Universally fit both field (2 panels) and end conditions!
  • Cool roofs by providing shade during intense summer heat, lessening utilities costs.
  • Can be used with all S-5! mini clamps; use the stainless steel mounting disk to facilitate use with brass clamps.
  • Cost as little as $0.07 a watt (stainless steel mounting disk) or even $0.06 a watt (aluminum mounting disk) to install!

S-5-PV Kits Feature:

  • New longer PV studs to accommodate PV frame thicknesses from 1.3" (33 mm) to 2.51" (64 mm)
  • Embossed mounting disk placement guides designed to provide quick and precise alignment
  • Four new strategically placed mounting disk hooks to assist in wire management
  • New broader ears on the PV grab allow for even easier installation and precise module engagement
  • Universally directional mounting disks for simplicity of installation
  • Absolutely NO rails required
  • Incredible holding strength that only S-5!® can offer

S-5! UL PV Kit IMage

For mounting solar systems to your corrugated metal roof, S-5-PV Kits work perfectly with our CorruBracket!

For mounting solar systems to your exposed-fastened metal roof, a flat mounting disk is available allowing S-5-PV Kits to work perfectly with our VersaBracket!

Penetration-free attachment, lower installation costs, and cooler roofs, combined with rising energy costs and increased environmental concerns all spell a bright, sunny future for PV and standing seam metal roofs. S-5! makes it easy.

Due to the variety of attachment needs, S-5-PV Kits are sold separately from S-5! mini clamps. The S-5-PV Kit fits only S-5! mini clamps, NOT standard clamps.

Wind dynamics are complex, thus, each system should be reviewed by a qualified licensed professional who understands wind effects on metal roof design and construction prior to purchase and installation.

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S-5-PV Kit Brochure

S5PVKit_Brochure.pdf, 1.7 MB

S-5-PV Kit Install Sheet

S5PV_Install.pdf, 698.3 KB