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Flat Sheet & Coil

Bryer Flat Sheet and Coil

In-house processing equipment allows Bryer to produce custom width slit coil and custom length flat sheet within just a few days. In-line strippable film application protects the finished product during fabrication and transportation. Bryer’s equipment is also capable of “slearing”, which slits and cuts to length in one step, saving sheet fabricators from having to shear sheets in the shop.

We produce everything from 8” x 10” step blanks up to 20’ long sheets, gutter coil and slit coil for the portable rollform contractor.


Standard Stock Sheet & Coil

 24 Gauge  
   18 Standard Kynar Colors
   Galvlaume Plus
22 Gauge
   9 Natural FX Coating Colors
   10 Standard Kynar Colors
   Galvalume Plus
   A606 Weathering Steel (Cor-Ten  )
26 Gauge
   12 Standard Kynar Colors
   Galvalume Plus
   16 oz x 36"
   20 oz x 36"
   Clear Anodized - .032", .050" & .063"
   Dark Bronze Anodized - .032" & .063"
   .7mm Preweathered Blue/Gray


Bryer Kynar Color Chart

Bryer_KynarColorChart.pdf, 3.1 MB

Bryer Residential Color Chart

Bryer Residential Color Chart.pdf, 379.1 KB

Customs & Exotics

CustomsExotics.pdf, 537.2 KB

Kynar Tech Data

Kynar_TechData.pdf, 184.9 KB

A606 Weathering Steel

Weathering Steel1.pdf, 218.5 KB

Kynar Cleaning & Maintenance

Kynar Cleaning & Maintenance.pdf, 421.5 KB

Kynar Sample Warranty

Kynar_SampleWarranty.pdf, 642.5 KB

Galvalume Sample Warranty

Galvalume_SampleWarranty.pdf, 1.5 MB

Kynar Marine Warranty

Kynar_MarineWarranty.pdf, 1.7 MB

SMP Tech Data

SMP Tech Data.pdf, 198.7 KB

SMP Warranty

SMP Sample Warranty.pdf, 1.7 MB

LEED Data V4

LEED Tech Data - V4.pdf, 174.2 KB

LEED Data 2.2

LEED_Data.pdf, 129.3 KB