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Bryer Panels



GT-36 Roof

GT-36 is a time tested and proven profile that performs well in a multitude of applications including residential, agricultural and commercial. Taking GT-36 to the next level Bryer has paired it with a top of the line AZ-50 Galvalume substrate and premium Kynar 500 / Hylar 5000 paint coating that offers the best corrosion resistance and long term paint performance available on the market.

GT-36 is suitable for both roof or wall applications and can be installed over a solid substrate or open framing. Panels come standard in 26 gauge steel with lengths up to 45 feet. Optional 29 and 24 gauge steel is also available. The recommended minimum slope is 3:12.


  • Ultra Durable Kynar 500 Colors
  • Superior AZ50 Corrosion Resistance
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Improved Spanning Capabilities
  • Economical & Durable
  • Fast & Easy Install


  • UL-580 Class 90 wind uplift
  • UL-790 Class A fire rated
  • UL-2218 impact resistance


Data Sheet

GT-36 Data Sheet.pdf, 276.1 KB

UL Info

TBC - UL Tech Data.pdf, 382.6 KB

Residential Color Chart

Bryer Residential Color Chart.pdf, 379.1 KB

Kynar Tech Data

Kynar-Tech-Data.pdf, 184.9 KB

Kynar Residential Warranty

Bryer Kynar Residential Warranty - Sample.pdf, 209 KB

LEED Data V4

LEED Tech Data - V4.pdf, 174.2 KB