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Bryer Fasteners Image

The Bryer Company has been a leader in the supply of metal construction fasteners and accessories for over 25 years. Bryer’s state of the art painting facility allows us to custom paint fasteners any color and ship with minimal lead time. Our industry leading Sonic Service allows for same day shipment, even on custom orders! A wide array of hard to find parts, including stainless and long lengths, are also kept in stock. 

Bryer’s uses only our premium Millennium paint finish.  This coating offers exceptional fade & chalk resistance to ensure that the fasteners will always look as good as the panels do!  Millennium is a two-component catalyzed urethane, which is spray applied and thermally cured.  It provides excellent color and gloss retention as well as superior chemical and abrasion resistance.  Unlike many powder coated fasteners, Millennium is a low gloss finish which better match today’s popular Kynar and SMP painted metal panels.

Most of Bryer fasteners that will be exposed to the elements feature our exclusive Enviroguard-XD long life coating.  This unique technology passes offers exceptional corrossion resistance and passes 1,000 hour salt spray testing.

Bryer Fasteners

Bryer Fasteners.pdf, 127.3 KB

Enviroguard-XD Long Life Coating

Enviroguard-XD Long Life Data.pdf, 230.3 KB

Fastener Tech Data

Fastener Tech Data1.pdf, 151.9 KB

Accessory Catalog

Accessory Catalog.pdf, 994.3 KB