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Ensure that your snow retention system works!

The ColorGard® Calculator ensures that you identify the correct materials for your project. It also allows you to save your projects online for later use. Log in and create a profile. Your company information will appear on the printed material so it is ready to submit to your clients.

Based upon your input the calculator will indicate:

   • number of clamps
   • number of ColorGard sections
   • number and type of SnoClips™
   • number of VersaClips™
   • number of rows of ColorGard® to install
   • total parts needed for project with
     multiple roofs

What you will need in order to use the calculator:

S-5! Snow Retention Calculator


 Simple steps to using the calculator:
      1. Log in or create a new profile.
      2. Create a new project.
      3. Enter the required information.
      4. You will receive an in-depth summary
          outlining what you will need to complete
          your project.

 For best results:
      • Make sure that all information is valid.
      • Input measurements as accurately as
      • Consult building codes or a qualified
        professional for roof snow load.


Find out more about S-5! at