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Commodity Flat Sheet

Are you a sheet metal shop, roofer or sider that often uses commodity flat sheet?  That is the generic term for products better known as brown/black, brown/white and primer or pre-prime.  The term commodity implies that all suppliers offer the same product with the same quality but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Much of the commodity sheet available in the industry are produced with a cheaper and less corrosion resistant G30 or G60 galvanized substrate.  Bryer on the other hand mill sources all of our commodity sheet with a full AZ50 Galvalume substrate!  This is an identical substrate to what our architectural Kynar products use.

The paint systems in 2-sided commodity sheet also can be vastly different in quality.  Not only is most supplied as a non-warranted polyester system, it’s also not uncommon to see sheets come in with much thinner paint coverage, and sometimes even primerless systems.  While you may not be able to tell with the naked eye when brand new, these inferior products will fade & chalk significantly faster and, ultimately, fail much sooner than higher quality systems.  Bryer supplies all of our brown/black and brown/white with a full 1.0mil HDP paint system that comes with a standard 20-year finish warranty.

So now you’re telling yourself “sure, that sounds great, but I can’t stay competitive if I start using these more expensive products”.  Not so!  Bryer’s commodity sheet program is extremely competitive in the marketplace and most often one of the lower cost options!  Give us a call today to check pricing and find out more about how you can save money and offer a higher quality product all at the same time!


Are you reliable, dedicated and hard working?  If so, Bryer is interested in talking to you about what we can offer.  We have current full time positions open in shipping & receiving, fabrication and supervisory roles.  These are prime M-F day shifts with opportunity for growth and advancement. Bryer is an locally owned company experiencing explosive growth and offering top of the line pay and full benefits.  Feel free to call us for more information or send your resume to 

Bryer Adds Three New Panel Profiles, Opens Residential Division

Explosive growth continues at Bryer with the introduction of a new residential division in conjunction with 3 new panel profiles.  The panel profiles consist of two standing seam options as well as an economical 3-foot wide thru-fastened profile.  Bryer is staying true to it's roots by offering a higher end product as part of it's residential offering. 

  • Kynar 500 Colors In Both 26 & 24 Gauge
  • Limited Lifetime Residential Finish Warranty
  • AZ50 Galvalume Substrate
  • Factory Notching - No Charge!
  • Improved Seam Engagement
  • UL Classified Uplift, Fire & Hail

26 Gauge Kynar & 20" Coil Added To Invenotry

 Bryer has added 12 Kynar colors in 26 gauge to our stocked inventory.  Available in both 40-7/8" flat sheet and 20-1/8" wide slit coil the new colors combine with an AZ50 Galvalume substrate for industry leading performance and durability.  The new 26 gauge colors match existing colors available in 22 and 24 gauge allowing for seamless project integration across gauges.  

All of the new 26 gauge Kynar colors will be kept in pre-slit coils at 20-1/8" wide for immediate availability.  Other widths are available with a few extra days lead time.  Please inquire for readily available coil sizes and lead times in custom slits.

Bryer Introduces Natural FX Coatings

The next generation of Kynar coated colors and patterns have arrived!  Bryer is excited to introduce Natural FX Coatings; state of the art multi-coat finishes that allow for patterns of unparalleled detail and subtle depth.

Currently stocked in 22 gauge with a AZ50 Galvalume substrate, Natural FX is available as sheet, coil or any of our over 20 different roof, wall and soffit panel profiles.

Download the color chart here.

Natural FX Coatings

New Rollforming Mill Commissioned

 As part of Bryer's ongoing expansion a new rollforming mill was commissioned to expand our extensive product offering and improve lead times.  The new mill sailed through trials and is now in full time operation in our Auburn facility.  The mill produces V-Rib 34, which is a new profile for Bryer, along with an upgrade to the existing 7.2 Rib profile.  

The mill is capable of running 200 LF per minute while producing 26 through 18 gauge steel, .032 through .050 aluminum, as well as stainless up to 20 gauge.  Lengths in excess of 50' will be available in both profiles with lead times as short as 5 days.

New Profiles Expand TBC-Symmetry Series

Bryer has added two new profiles the their line of TBC-Symmetry panels, bringing the total to 9 distinct patterns.  Like the original profiles the new Symmetry-25 and Symmetry-63 will be available with a nailing flange, flat clip or offset clip in continuous lengths up to 45.

TBC-Symmetry has been a highly successful series for Bryer offering one of the only economically rollformed concealed fastener ribbed wall panels in the Pacific NW.  For more information or sample panels please contact your Bryer representative.

Bryer Adds To Profile Options With TBC-Masterseam

Bryer's ongoing growth leads to TBC-Masterseam, a new standing seam profile suited for residential and light commercial applications.  TBC-Masterseam is a 1-1/2" high mechanically seamed panel that provides for an economical option in 12" wide configurations.  This profile is also an excellent choice when the design calls for natural metals like copper or zinc.

TBC-Masterseam is UL-580 Class 90 rated and has been fully tested in accoradance with ASTM air, water and wind uplift requirements.  For additional information click here or feel free to shoot us an email for pricing and availability.

22 Gauge Kynar Added To Inventory

 As 22 gauge becomes increasingly popular in the architectural and commercial markets Bryer is responding by adding pre-painted Kynar colors to our standard stock offering.  Colors stocked in standard 48” widths now include Regal White, Sandstone, Medium Bronze, Dark Bronze, Slate Gray, Charcoal, Matte Black, Metallic Silver and Weathered Zinc.  These are in addition to standard 22 gauge Galvalume Plus (resin coated) and A606 Weathering Steel (Cor-Ten).  Bryer is actively looking at opportunities to expand our 22 gauge product line so please give us a call for the most up to date availability.

Introducing TBC-Symmetry Series Wall Panels

Bryer is pleased to announce the introduction of TBC-Symmetry, a series of concealed fastener wall panels available exclusively from The Bryer Company.  TBC-Symmetry offers the designer the option of 7 distinct profiles within the panel series, all with symmetrically formed ribs with varying patterns.  The panels are interchangeable and available with a fastening flange (F series), an 18 gauge clip (C series) that allows for expansion/contraction or an offset clip that also allows for a ½” air space between the panel and substructure. 

At 7/8” deep Symmetry is ideal for using in conjunction with other materials or mixing and matching in both vertical and horizontal applications.  The lower profile makes flashing around windows, doors and other penetrations much cleaner and easier.  TBC-Symmetry is available in a wide array of materials from 24 to 18 gauge steel, .032” to .050” aluminum, copper, Rheinzink, A606 Weathering Steel and even customer perforated.

TBC-Symmetry is a precision roll formed product available in lengths up to 45 feet.  This offers significant advantages over inconsistent shop press-broken panel systems.  More efficient production, consistent rib dimensions and angles, longer lengths, cost effective pricing even on shorter lengths.

Learn more HERE!

TBC-Symmetry Panel Profiles

26 Gauge Primer & Galvalume Plus Added to Inventory

 Bryer has added both 26 gauge primer and 26 gauge Gavalume Plus (with clear acrylic coating) in 48" widths to our standard stocked offering.  Sheets, slit coil and panels are are now availabel in these two items.



Bryer Adds New 7/8 Corrugated Line

Bryer has commissioned and installed a new high capacity rollforming line that is now up and running in the Auburn, Washington facility.  The mill produces 7/8 Corrugated in gauges ranging from 26 to 18 gauge steel and .032" to .050" aluminum.  The line is also capable of rollforming A606 weathering steel (Cor-Ten) as well as stainless and perforated. Panels can be cut from a max of 50' down to as small as 6 inches. 



Metal Roofs Can Last 60 Years Or Longer!

The Metal Construction Association (MCA) has released new research findings that conclude that certain metal roof systems can last at least 60 years or longer.
The study, sponsored by MCA and the ZAC Association, was conducted with oversight of three independent consulting firms which analyzed low-slope, unpainted 55% Al-Zn coated steel standing seam roofing, in a wide range of environments across the U.S.
Bryer's supplies 55% Al-Zn (better known by the trade name Galvalume) on all Kynar painted TBC metal roofing, siding and soffit profiles. Galvalume is also available as a bare, unpainted finish.
"This study is a breakthrough for the metal construction industry because it finally provides third-party, scientific data that backs up the long held stance that 55% Al-Zn coated steel standing seam roofing systems are very durable, economic, and can be better for the environment," said Scott Kriner, Technical Director, Metal Construction Association.
The complete report can be found on MCA's website here.



Now Stocking Bonderized

 Bryer has added 24 gauge Bonderized to our standard product mix and is stocking both sheets and coil in our Auburn, WA facility.  Bonderized is used in place of both galvanized and pre-primed steel in a variety of applications but mainly for use in post paint situations.

Bonderized is a zinc phosphate pretreatment the converts the galvanized substrate into a non-metallic non-conductive surface.  This coating offers a multitude of advantages, including improved corrosion resistance and excellent adhesions for a variety of paint systems and application methods.  Most notably, Bonderized can be soldered without any cleaning, sanding or abrading.  Please feel free to give us a call if you are interested in pricing or would like to see a sample.



Bryer Adds Colors and Unveils New Chart!

Bryer has added 5 new standards to our lineup of Kynar colors.  In addition, a new color chart has been introduced that not only show the new colors but also highlight the line of natural materials Bryer sells in both sheet and throughout the TBC line of architectural roofing, siding and soffit panels.

The new colors are Tahoe Blue, Champagne, Vintage, Aged Tin and Rustic Steel.  Vintage is a specialty finish that architects and designers rave about.  Aged Tin and Rustic steel are two print pattern colors developed to offer an alternative to some of the popular naturally rusted or aged metals.

The newly added "Natural Metals" section of the color chart depict a cross section of the unpainted materials Bryer offers.  These include Galvalume Plus, A606 Weathering Steel (commonly referred to as Cor-Ten), preweathered zinc, anodized aluminum and copper.

Download a PDF version here




New Website Is Live!

Out with the old and in with the new!  Bryer scrapped the old website and started from scratch with a completely redesigned new site.  Make sure to check out our Buy Online feature that is stocked with a full array of accessories and fasteners. In the future, the News tab will be used to keep you updated with Bryer developments, new products, project spotlights, specials and more.

The venerable Bryer Flyer will also be published here with the most recent edition, as well as back issues, being available for download on the right side bar.

Bryer Flyer May 2013


Bryer Flyer - May 2013

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Bryer Flyer - Jan 2012

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Bryer Flyer - Feb 2011

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Bryer Flyer - Aug 2012

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