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Colors & Paint Systems

Kynar Colors

 Bryer carries a complete line of Kynar painted steel that is offered with a 35-year non-prorated finish warranty.  Prefinished colors are stocked in 24 gauge and 22 gauge steel.  In addition, Bryer also supplies Kynar painted aluminum from .032" to .080" as well as heavy gauge steel in 20 and 18 gauge.

 Commercial Color Chart Download

 Residential Color Chart Download


Bryer Kynar Color Chart

Bryer_KynarColorChart.pdf, 3.1 MB

Bryer Residential Color Chart

Bryer Residential Color Chart.pdf, 379.1 KB

Customs & Exotics

CustomsExotics.pdf, 537.2 KB

A606 Weathering Steel

Weathering Steel.pdf, 218.5 KB

Vintage Tech Data

Vintage_TechData.pdf, 140.2 KB

Anodized Flyer

AnodizedFlyer.pdf, 30.9 KB

Kynar Tech Data

Kynar_TechData.pdf, 184.9 KB

Kynar Cleaning & Maintenance

Kynar Cleaning & Maintenance.pdf, 421.5 KB

Kynar Sample Warranty

Kynar_SampleWarranty.pdf, 642.5 KB

Galvalume Sample Warranty

Galvalume_SampleWarranty.pdf, 1.5 MB

Kynar Marine Warranty

Kynar_MarineWarranty.pdf, 1.7 MB

SMP Sample Warranty

SMP Sample Warranty.pdf, 1.7 MB

LEED Data V4

LEED Tech Data - V4.pdf, 174.2 KB

LEED Data 2.2

LEED_Data.pdf, 129.3 KB