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Colors & Paint Systems

A606 Weathering Steel

Bryer's Weathering Steel is produced per ASTM A606 - Type 4 requirements and commonly referred to by the trade name Cor-Ten .  The material is sought after for the beautiful rust colored patina that develops once the steel is exposed to moisture.  Similar to standard cold rolled steel, Weathering Steel has additional alloys including copper, nickle and chromium.  These alloys help the oxidized surface heal and set up a protective barrier to the steel substrate which extends the life of the material.

Weathering steel can be used in a myriad of application both on the exterior envelope as well as decorative accents on the interior.  Bryer roll forms Weathering Steel in multiple panel profiles and can also fabricate custom shingles and flat wall panels.  Available in thicknesses ranging from 22 gauge all the way to 1/2” structural plate. 

A606 Weathering Steel 7/8 Corrugated Panel

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it last? - There is no definitive answer to this question.  Multiple factors including steel thickness, exposure, atmosphere and application will all have a profound impact on Weathering Steel’s longevity.  Typical applications will give you a life span in excess of 20 years and there are multiple examples of it lasting 40+ years.

Will the rust cause staining? - Yes, any water runoff from an oxidized Weathering Steel panel will stain surrounding areas.  Steps can be taken to mitigate potential staining, including clear coating and proper detailing.  Contact Bryer for additional information.

Is there a warranty? - No, Weathering Steel has no performance warranty.

Does the material come already rusted? - No, when the product arrives it will look like bare uncoated steel with a dull silver finish.

What do I need to do to get the material to rust? - Nothing, Weathering Steel will start the patina process as soon as it is exposed to the weather.  Wetting the material with a garden hose will expedite the process.  Bryer can also provide options fto accelarate the weathering process.

Is Weathering Steel the same as bare cold rolled? - No, Weathering Steel has added alloys that dramatically increase the life span of the material when compared to cold rolled.


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