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About Bryer


Bryer’s Auburn, Washington production facility is home to all of Bryer’s fabrication and processing equipment. Two side by side facilities house roll formers, slitting, leveling, recoiling, upenders, processing, and packaging equipment as well as our state of the art fastener paint line. 

Roll Forming
Our roll forming equipment produces 15 different profiles with a myriad of various configurations. Bryer's industrial equipment with up to 21 passes provide us the capability to rollform panels as thick as 18 gauge steel, .050" aluminum  and even stainless. Our capabilities allow us to fabricate, package and ship panels up to 80 feet long. 
Bryer also has portable equipment that means we can effectively take the manufacturing process directly to your job site and run continuous panels in lengths well over 150 feet! Our equipment is all expertly maintained by our production staff and a strict QC program is in place to minimize any problems encountered once the panels are delivered to the job site.
Coil Processing
Bryer’s coil processing line was installed in 2010 and vastly improved our abilities to meet customers’ stringent requirements while also dramatically reducing our lead times.
Bryer can level and cut-to-length sheets up to 60” wide and 21’ long. Our powered straighteners ensure a flat surface while in-line strippable film application protects the surface during fabrication and transit. Length tolerances are +/- 1/16 inch.
Coil slitting down to 2” wide is available along with tensioned re-coiling with a maximum slit coil weight of 10,000 lbs. Our standard arbor is 20” with an option cardboard core, which Bryer recommends for roll forming applications. Width tolerances are +/- 1/32 inch.
Slearing is process of both slitting to width and cutting to length in one pass. This can be a big time saver for the sheet metal contractor looking to skip a step in the shop. Weather you are looking for 16” x 120” strips that can go straight to the press break or if you want 8” x 10” step blanks to go straight to the job site Bryer can help.
Fastener Painting
Bryer’s in-house fastener paint line allows us to handle everything from 250 customer color orders all the way up to 1 million piece stocking programs. Our stat of the art equipment allows us to paint, oven cure, bag and box parts inside of an hour. If you’re in a hurry Bryer’s Sonic Same Day and Next Day service is available to get you custom painted parts when you need them. 
Our premium Millenium coating offers exceptional fade and chalk resistance to ensure that the fasteners always look as good as the panels do.

Flat Sheet & Coil Processing Equipment

Bryer Rollforming Equiment

Bryer 7/8 Corrugated Rollformer